Tangentyere Council is the peak organization of the Alice Springs Town Camp residents. It also provides a range of services to the wider Alice Springs community and to remote Indigenous communities.

Today Tangentyere provides housing, maintenance, employment and training, law and justice, family, youth and aged care, financial and banking, advocacy services to Indigenous people across the Central Australian Region.

Tangentyere employs 225 people in a wide range of interesting and fulfilling roles. The workforce, comprising 150 Indigenous, and 75 non Indigenous staff, is a tolerant and constructive workforce. The training and development of Indigenous employees is a high priority.

With a dedicated and friendly workforce, generous entitlements, and challenging and rewarding roles, Tangentyere Council offers an ideal workplace for people interested in working in Indigenous Community Services.

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4 Elder Street
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NT 0870

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Tangentyere Council