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CDEP & Employment Services was formed in July 2008 and encompasses the programs of CDEP and Land and Learning, and Tangentyere Employment Services. This Division has taken on the job network services and associated programs that were previously run by Tangentyere Job Shop.


Tangentyere Council ran a Community Development Program (CDEP) from 1990 until November 2007, when it was closed by the Howard government as part of the rollout of closures of CDEP under the NT Emergency Response. Tangentyere CDEP had been successful in adapting to becoming a transition to work program, and had placed 213 CDEP participants in jobs over its final two and one half years of operation.

The Labor government has acted on its election commitment to re-open all of those CDEP closed in the Northern Territory under the Emergency Response. Tangentyere CDEP re-commenced on 1 July 2008. The government will be reforming CDEP and Tangentyere Council has provided comments to both the Australian and Northern Territory governments on their Discussion Papers relating to the future reform of CDEP.

The major focus of Tangentyere CDEP is in assisting participants to enter mainstream employment options through appropriate training and work activities to ensure that participants are obtaining the skills necessary for engagement in the work force in an area of their interest.

Tangentyere CDEP will now be undertaking activities that are project based and clearly quantifiable such as landscaping work and painting. It now has an allocation of 125 CDEP participants from town camps only.

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