Governance of Tangentyere Council

Tangentyere Council is an Aboriginal owned and controlled organisation governed by an executive of elected representatives from all town camps.

Tangentyere Council’s Mission Statement is to provide sustainable services and programmes which are culturally sensitive, innovative, effective and efficient, which meet the needs and aspirations of the Alice Springs Town Camp communities, Housing Associations and others. It employs over 175 staff to deliver its wide range of programs and services.


Tangentyere Council has an Executive comprising the elected Presidents of each of the 18 Town Camps, a member of the Women’s committee and a member of the 4 Corners committee. The 4 Corners committee comprises senior Aboriginal law people who advise on the integration of traditional law and matters of Executive responsibilities.

From this membership, the Executive council elects a Chair, a Vice Chair, Treasurer, Public Officer and Secretary. The Executive Council meets approximately every four weeks, or more often as needed.

Tangentyere Governance

The responsibilities of the Executive covers the constitution, policies, procedures and business plans. Over the course of the 25 years the Tangentyere Executive have been able to fulfill this role in a way meets the requirements of Aboriginal law and western administrative legislation and procedures.

The internal planning of the camps adheres to Aboriginal culture - camp planning constraints include the need to provide areas for different family groups, temporary accommodation for people who have to leave houses following a death, the need for visitor camping, and sacred site protection.

The strong involvement of Council members in the Executive of Tangentyere ensures that the organization is accountable to its constituency and that its priorities are those of its members.

“Our bosses are our clients and our clients are our bosses.”

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