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Alice Springs Employment and Training Services (ASEATS) forms the third component of TES. It has developed since its inception in 2006 into a specialist provider of employment related training to Indigenous clients. ASEATS specializes in pre-employment, work readiness and literacy training to prepare JSA and CDEP clients for entry into the workforce. ASEATS is also a National Panel Member of the Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) which allows it to deliver customized, pre-employment programs such as Skills for the Future.

Tangentyere Council incorporated the training company in 2007 to provide workplace training and address skill gaps within the organisation. ASEATS is also located at 10 Brown Street and delivers accredited training under a Partnering Agreement with Jobs Australia which is a Registered Training Organisation. ASEATS has the capacity to deliver appropriate units of competency from a wide range of courses available under Jobs Australia’s Course Scope. All Australian Quality Training Framework standards are adhered to by ASEATS and audited by Jobs Australia. In the last year ASEATS has delivered a range of employment and training projects including:

Indigenous Employment Programs

ASEATS has been contracted to deliver customized Indigenous Employment Programs for town campers transitioning from CDEP into mainstream employment. A current contract with DEEWR will provide pre-employment training, job placement and post placement mentoring services for 40 Town Camp Jobseekers.

The project will provide individualised and unique employment pathways for each participant. Participants recruited for this project will be thoroughly assessed on their level of job readiness, that is, their current ability to secure and maintain employment. This measure of job readiness will be used to link participants to an employment pathway that will best meet their needs and maximise sustainable employment outcomes.

The current program provides an individualised pre-employment stepping stone for CDEP participants into employment at Tangentyere and elsewhere in Alice Springs. Over a six month period 40 CDEP participants who display basic job readiness attributes of attendance and work ethics will be invited to participate in the IEP program. An assessment of skills, interests, employability and vocational gaps will be conducted with each candidate. An individually customized pre-employment plan is developed and delivered. Each participant’s plan is different to the others. Participants attend a three week pre-employment course which addresses such issues as driver’s license, workplace rights and responsibilities, OH&S, First Aid and induction. Once the course is completed ASEATS will negotiate with Tangentyere and other employers to place candidates into entry level positions within their organization. So far 32 participants have been placed into employment.

Skills for the Future

Early in 2008 ASEATS successfully tendered to the Northern Territory Department of Education Employment and Training (DEET) to deliver an innovative pre-employment pilot project. The program targeted young Indigenous town camp women who were long term, or at risk of long term unemployment. This three month pilot engaged nine highly disadvantaged and at risk young women living in town camps.

These young women had typically experienced difficulties in dealing with employment providers. They did not understand what was required of them as job seekers. Many of the ladies had considerable non-vocational barriers to finding employment and accessing training. The program provided intensive support for the duration of a 12 week vocational skills course. It also provided a variety of supported work experiences as preparatory to applying for real employment. The program addressed the gaps in local employment services as it addressed the specific barriers that town camp residents face in their daily life.

The pilot proved very successful and the program will continue to be delivered by ASEATS for a further two years as a component of the Community Action Plan for town camps developed by Tangentyere CDEP. Over the course of the next two years eight courses for men and women will be conducted for 100 participants.

Accredited and non accredited training - ASEATS delivers accredited training under a partnering agreement with Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Jobs Australia Ltd. ASEATS is currently delivering the following training programs:

  • Language Literacy and Numeracy - (Sound Way Literacy Program)

    ASEATS is trialing this literacy program and is delivering gender based training to assist clients to increase their literacy skills and employment opportunities. Sound Way is an internationally acclaimed and proven phonic based reading, writing and spelling program. This program teaches the understanding of the mechanics of the English language so that students become equipped with the skills and independence to handle further learning. Results from the use of this program show not only dramatic and fast increases in literacy levels but also significant increases in confidence and self-esteem. This teaching program works for individuals of all ages and abilities and can simultaneously assist groups of participants who have widely varying literacy levels.
  • Certificate I in Work Readiness

    Is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to secure and maintain employment. It includes job search techniques and career development. It covers an understanding of work culture, employer expectations and rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Basic information technology is also included in the course. The entire training course is set up as a work experience so that participants have the opportunity to practice workplace skills in preparation for employment. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear talks for employers in areas of interest to participants and employment availability, on work roles, duties and employer expectations.
  • Tangentyere Staff Training

    ASEATS provides computer training to support existing Tangentyere staff adjust to the new Microsoft Office upgrade throughout the organization. For example, Word and Office training sessions are available as well as learn to drive and 4WD training for staff where required. ASEATS also employs a Staff Development Officer to assist with workforce development and create career pathways within the organization.
  • Work for the Dole

    During the last 2 years ASEATS has provided Work for the Dole activities. ASEATS has sponsored activities in Alice Springs town as well as in six remote communities in Central Australia. The range of WfD projects has included community clean ups, landscaping, sewing and curtain making as well as establishing an Op Shop at Santa Teresa.

ASEATS has evolved over the last two years from running difficult Work for the Dole projects to specialist training. Most of ASEATS income is now derived from fee-for-service training. It is a credit to the management of ASEATS that this transformation has been achieved so successfully. ASEATS is an integral component of Tangentyere Employment Services’ successful business model.

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