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Introduction / Purpose

Job Services Australia (JSA) is the new name for the old Job Network. Tangentyere Council won a contract to provide employment services, on behalf of the Federal Government to commence on 1 July 2009. This Division trades under the name of Tangentyere Employment Services.

TES is a Specialist Indigenous Provider for the Town Camps of Alice Springs. It has 10% of the total number of Indigenous Jobseekers in Central Australia with around 500 clients. TES main office is located at 10 Brown Street, Alice Springs. It also has a small office at 4 Elder Street, near Centrelink. Tangentyere’s JSA has a unique service delivery model which includes two campervans set up as mobile offices, to service our clients in the town camps. We visit each town camp weekly, and try to see each client on a fortnightly basis. From November 2009 until February 2010 we had one van stationed at Tangentyere Council, close to the Centrelink office, but have now opened a satellite office in this precinct.

This new business model has enabled JSA to work more closely with CDEP and our training company (ASEATS see under Enterprises on this website), to deliver a more comprehensive and structured service to our clients. The cohesion we have through Tangentyere Employment Services has resulted in much better outcomes for clients and the organization alike.

As at 30 June 2010 TES had commenced over 90% of its caseload of clients into our system. This is a great achievement by dedicated staff. To achieve such a level of commencements in the last contract was an almost unachievable result for a metropolitan provider, let alone an outback provider, and to achieve this figure so early into a contract is a credit to the JSA team.

As at 30 June 2010, TES had placed 241 clients into employment, with over half of these still in employment. This is again a remarkable outcome for a provider who has a business allocation of only 10% of the Employment Service Area clients and constitutes over 30% of all placements by all providers in Central Australia. As a result of the dedicated effort put in by all staff, Tangentyere Job Services was awarded 5 Stars by our funding body (DEEWR). This is a ringing endorsement of our service model and shows that Tangentyere is punching above its weight.

We look forward to the future, with our main focus being on the SIHIP (Indigenous Housing Program), where we have a great relationship with Territory Alliance, which has the contract to build or refurbish over 200 houses in the town camps.

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