Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012/13 (PDF 5MB)
Annual Report 2011/12 (PDF 4MB)
Annual Report 2010/11 (PDF 2MB)

Strategic Planning

Tangentyere Strategic Plan eVersion (PDF 5MB)

Research Reports

Bray, J. R., Gray, M., Hand, K., & Katz, I. (2014).
Evaluating New Income Management in the Northern Territory: Summary report (SPRC Report 25e/2014). Sydney: Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Australia.
Download The Report Here (PDF-Format 0.5MB)

Income Management in the Northern Territory Report back to communities – September 2014 Alice Springs Town Camps
Download The Report Here (PDF-Format 0.2MB)

In 2011 Tangentyere Council commissioned the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) to undertake a comprehensive and independent Post Occupancy Evaluation of Town Camp housing work done under the Commonwealth’s Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program. The research was conducted in three stages across 18 months. CAT engaged the Tangentyere Research Hub to assist in the research project. The Final report offers over 30 recommendations for governments, Tangentyere Council and householders. The interim reports provide a snapshot of findings from the preliminary stages.

Centre for Appropriate Technology, 2013.
Housing Experience: Post Occupancy Evaluation of Alice Springs Town Camp Housing 2008-2011, Centre for Appropriate Technology, Alice Springs, NT.
Download The Report Here (PDF-Format 4.44MB)

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Alice Springs Town Camp Housing 2008-2011
Stage 2.1 Report
Download The Report Here (PDF-Format 1MB)

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Alice Springs Town Camp Housing 2008-2011
Stage 1 Report
Download The Report Here (PDF-Format 5.25MB)

Tangentyere Council Social Inclusion Report 2010. Tangentyere Council has produced a policy paper on Social Inclusion in Alice Springs. This paper provides a framework to achieve universal education and create social, cultural and economic inclusion for residents of the Alice Springs Town Camps.
Download The Report Here (PDF-Format 420 KB)

Tangentyere Council in partnership with DEEWR commissioned an independent report of Town Camp Education to address school attendance, parent participation and improved school enrolments of young people living in Alice Springs Town Camps. A Steering committee involving a number of key stakeholders guided the review that included a number of recommendations to address the truancy, parent participation and enrollments of young people from Alice Springs Town Camps.
Download Report (PDF-Format 7.17 MB)

Audrey McCormack, Vanessa Davis, Dianne Impu, Tiara Foster, Denise Foster and Gillian Shaw. Intervention. Experiences And Opinions of Alice Springs Town Camp Residents of the Northern Territory Emergency Response, 2008. Tangentyere Council, with support from Oxfam Australia and Caritas Australia, undertook research on the views of Town Camp residents of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), also known as the Intervention.
Download Report (PDF-Format 243 KB)

Tangentyere Council and Central Land Council. Ingerrekenhe Antirrkweme: Mobile Phone Use Among Low Income Aboriginal People; A Central Australian Snapshot. Alice Springs: Tangentyere Council and Central Land Council. 2007.
Download Report (PDF-Format 816 KB)

Foster D, Williams R, Campbell D, Davis V, Pepperill L. ‘Researching ourselves back to life’: new ways of conducting Aboriginal alcohol research. Drug and Alcohol Review 2006; 25 (3): 213-217.
Download Report (PDF-Format 68 KB)

Ulrik J, Foster D, Pepperill L, Davis V, Abbott D. New ways, old ways. In 8th National Rural Health Conference. Central To Health: Sustaining Well-being in Remote and Rural Australia. 10-13 March 2005, Alice Springs, Northern Territory. 2005: unpaged.

Foster D, Mitchell J, Ulrik J, & Williams R. Population and Mobility in the Town Camps of Alice Springs. A report prepared by Tangentyere Council Research Unit. Alice Springs: Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, 2005.
Download Report (PDF-Format 7.8 MB)

Tangentyere Council, NDRI, Centre for Remote Health, Eds. A Survey of The Attitudes of Aboriginal Town Camp Residents to The Alice Springs Liquor Licensing Restrictions. Alice Springs: Tangentyere Council, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin, Centre for Remote Health, Flinders University of SA and NT University, 2003.
Download Report (PDF-Format 152 KB)

Tangentyere Council, NDRI, Centre for Remote Health. Extract from a survey of the attitudes of Aboriginal town camp residents to the Alice Springs liquor licensing restrictions: a submission to the NT Licensing Commission by Tangentyere Council in conjunction with NDRI and the Centre for Remote Health. Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association (CARPA) Newsletter 2003; (35) (October): 39-45
Available at:

Frances Coughlan B.A., Dip. Soc. Studs. Aboriginal Town Camps and Tangentyere Council: The Battle for Self-Determination in Alice Springs March 1991
Download Report (PDF-Format 661 KB)

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