Yarrenyty-Arltere Learning Centre


Yarrenyty-Arltere Learning Centre (YALC) is a family resource and learning centre located at Yarrenyty-Arltere (Larapinta) town camp in Alice Springs. The centre aims to improve the social, health, environ- mental and economic well being of the community in a way that strengthens and respects culture.


The centre was developed by the community in 2000 to respond to the very serious social problems being faced by families. Prior to the centre opening the community was crippled by these problems; YALC has made a significant difference to people’s lives.

The introduction of the Yarrenyty-Arltere Learning Centre as an intergenerational learning and community centre located within a town camp, has proven to be a particularly effective early intervention and community development initiative. Such a model supports community ownership and control and ensures that services and programs are immediate, relevant and accessible.

What does the Yarrenyty-Arltere Learning Centre do?

  • The centre coordinates programs covering health, education, social support and culture, focusing on inter-generational participation. In this way, the Learning Centre enables mainstream programs to provide needed services to community members that give them opportunities and choices in their lives. This helps to prevent much of the trauma and high level servicing that may otherwise be needed in many cases.
  • The community members drive the centre. Planning and direction for the centre is provided though the Learning Centre Committee which is made up of residents and families of the people who access the centre, including young people. This is a sub committee for the Yarrenyty Arltere Housing Association which represents the whole of the town camp and provides further governance for the centre.
  • The strength of the centre is its ability to develop services in a flexible way to respond to the vision and strategies the community has to address their own social and family issues. The centre and its programs see that change is something that requires a long term commitment and consistent approach that addresses the broad needs of the individual and the family.

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