Tangentyere Youth Activity Service


The Youth Activity Service (YAS) enables young people living in Town Camps to experience a range of sport and recreational activities that they would otherwise not have access to. This leads to

  • increased participation in organised sporting competitions;
  • improved self esteem;
  • stronger relationships between parents and children, and
  • healthier families by providing nutritious food with activities.

What does Tangentyere Youth Activity Service do?

Tangentyere Council’s Youth Activity Service (YAS) operates a wide range of structured activities for Indigenous children and young people living on Town Camps in Alice Springs. These activities are run up to six days per week throughout the year and operate sessions after school, during evenings, on weekends and during vacation times. The YAS program includes organized sports, cultural activities, music, circus, and social activities.

Sport and recreation activities include soccer teams, football, netball, cricket, basketball, rugby, swimming activities, circus skills and associated support for transport, uniforms and costumes, healthy food, equipment and personal encouragement.

This is a service that highlights strengths, abilities, skills, enjoyment, fun, positive relationships between participants and outcomes of success for kids. It is the only avenue available to most children and young people to participate in any type of sporting, music or recreational activities. It has also worked as a bridging program for young people to enter mainstream sporting teams and activities.

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