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The aim of the Finance Department is to ensure the timely and accurate financial reporting for all of Tangentyere’s activities.

These activities include the funded programs run by the Council, the activities of each of the 18 Housing Associations, and the activities of each of Tangentyere’s four enterprises: Tangentyere Constructions, Tangentyere Design, Alice Springs Employment and Training Service (ASEATS) and Indigenous Landscapes NT.


Finance has grown from a single user computerised system to a multi-user operation with three accounting systems and ten staff, three of whom are accountants.

Role of the Finance Division

Finance is responsible for the internal financial controls and compliance procedures to ensure that our annual audit satisfies all funding and statutory bodies.

Within the framework of the funded programs are several small income generating activities such as the Tangentyere Artists, Drum Atweme, the Mighty Muscleinis, and the Yarrenyty Arltere and Hidden Valley Learning Centres.

Finance Division manages the accounting for Tangentyere’s food voucher system, the Tangentyere Aged and Community Services, and the Tangentyere Meals on Wheels service, all of which utilise the Centrelink Income Management and Centrepay systems.

It also accounts for the user pays Return to Home program which utilises the Centrelink Centrepay system.

A Westpac Bank Agency operates at Tangentyere Council under the Finance Division. The role of the banking agency is multi- faceted. The facility operates at Tangentyere’s main office complex and is open each week day from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm with a one hour lunch break. Apart from face to face services delivered by its staff, there is an adjacent Westpac ATM facility.

The bank agency also manages 200 active individual passbook accounts whereby individuals regularly visit the agency and deduct funds for their personal and family use. The retention of passbooks reflects a conscious choice by individuals who found key cards impossible to manage and who experienced ongoing problems, including loss or stealing of pin numbers and key cards.

Agency staff confirms that a lot of their customers require specialist help in managing their monies, assistance that is only currently available through Tangentyere. They also assist individuals who are subject to court orders which limit their access to a set withdrawal amount each day from their bank accounts.

Over 800 people use the bank on a regular basis.

Tangentyere also has a Financial Counselling service to assist indigenous people with consumer related problems.

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