Housing and Municipal Services

Central Australian Affordable Housing Company

The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) is the successor to the Tangentyere Housing Department and has been operational since January 2011 when the NT Government and Tangentyere Council agreed to novate the service level agreement (SLA) for the delivery of property and tenancy management services on the Alice Springs Town Camps. The Tangentyere Housing Department ceased to operate as a consequence of this transfer of work to CAAHC.

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Municipal and Essential Services

Tangentyere Employment Service is now responsible for managing the delivery of municipal services across communal areas of six of the eighteen Town Camp communities including:

  • Grass cutting, slashing, tree lopping and chemical weed control;
  • Stormwater collection mounding and landscaping;
  • Tree planting and maintenance;
  • Repairing community fences; and
  • Building firebreaks around community perimeters.

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