Central Australian Affordable Housing Company

The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) is the successor to the Tangentyere Housing Department and has been operational since January 2011 when the NT Government and Tangentyere Council agreed to novate the service level agreement (SLA) for the delivery of property and tenancy management services on the Alice Springs Town Camps. The Tangentyere Housing Department ceased to operate as a consequence of this transfer of work to CAAHC.

Tangentyere is the Founding Member of CAAHC. CAAHC was established by Tangentyere Council in response to the changes in land tenure and housing management on the Alice Springs Town Camps since the signing of 40 year subleases between the Housing Associations and the Executive Director of Township (EDTL) in December 2009. The impact of the signing of the subleases between the Housing Associations and the EDTL and the subsequent agreement between the EDTL and the NT Government establishing the Department of Housing as the Housing Authority for the Town Camps on the Housing Associations has been significant. Impacts have included the loss of control over housing allocations, reduced capacity for community decision making processes, the loss of rental income and a reduction in the security of tenure of many residents (many legacy Town Camp households have been shifted from fixed term tenancies to periodical tenancies by the Department of Housing due to minor repairs & maintenance issues and rental arrears). Significantly the Housing Associations have lost control over Town Camp land that was gained in a struggle for self determination during the 1970s and 1980s. Town Camp land is viewed as a legacy to be passed on to future generations rather than a speculative commodity.

Tangentyere Council developed a constitution that aims to provide the Tangentyere Executive Committee with the confidence that CAAHC will continue to protect the interests of the Town Campers. The desire to protect the rights of Town Campers does not seek to restrict the business of CAAHC to the Alice Springs Town Camps. There is a long history of Tangentyere Divisions and Social Enterprises being engaged in the delivery of services throughout Central Australia and Tangentyere supports CAAHC to have a similar portfolio of regional work.

CAAHC is a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee. CAAHC has four member organisations which are as follows:

  • Tangentyere Council (Founding Member)
  • Healthabitat
  • MLCS Corporation
  • Central Land Council

Goals and Priorities

Central Australian Affordable Housing Company’s goal is to provide people with affordable homes in Central Australia to support healthy communities.

The company currently has 4 priorities which shape its strategic decision making:

  1. Providing responsive housing management services to the Town Camps
  2. Growing the supply of affordable rental housing for low income households
  3. Improving the quality and quantity of supported housing for people with complex needs
  4. Exploring the potential to contribute to improvement in the management of remote housing

Vision for Town Camps

Tangentyere and CAAHC share a common vision for the Town Camps:

In partnership with the residents of the Town Camps we aspire to see the Town Camps develop into economically, environmentally and socially sustainable communities where all residents live with the opportunity to access all the benefits of our society which will enable them to maximise their well being, support their family and participate in their community.

Objectives for Housing Management on the Town Camps

Tangentyere and CAAHC are agreed that the best arrangement for the achievement of our shared vision for the Town Camps includes:

  • A tenant focussed approach to housing management which aims to assist tenants realise and maintain sustainable tenancies
  • A housing management service which respects the dignity and acknowledges the rights of tenants
  • A person focussed approach which works in close partnership with community and family support services to facilitate best outcomes for healthy families, homes and town camp communities
  • A housing management service that values the housing assets as a critical part of the well being of both current and future tenants
  • An integrated tenancy and property management service
  • The inclusion of basic handyman services as part of the housing management role
  • A transparent budget for the delivery of maintenance services to the town camps and an open process for the approval of maintenance requests

Tangentyere supports CAAHC in its endeavours to implement a housing management service for the Town Camps that achieves these objectives.

For more information about CAAHC please visit the CAAHC website via the following link:



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