Municipal & Essential Services

Tangentyere Employment Service is now responsible for managing the delivery of municipal services across communal areas of six of the eighteen Town Camp communities including:

  • Grass cutting, slashing, tree lopping and chemical weed control;
  • Stormwater collection mounding and landscaping;
  • Tree planting and maintenance;
  • Repairing community fences; and
  • Building firebreaks around community perimeters.

Municipal Services ceased to be its own division and was brought into the fold of Tangentyere Employment Services. It was a turbulent year for the Municipal Services Team as the Department of Housing Local Government and Regional Services split the Municipal Services contract in two parts. Tangentyere was left servicing six town camps which equated to approximately fifty percent of the town camps by landmass. The diminution of contracted service area was served with a cut to funding which resulted in the downsizing and restructure of the department.

Wood Collection Program

Tangentyere Council collects, cuts, bags and delivers fire wood for 50 clients of the Tangentyere Aged and Community Services Program. This service delivers wood once a week during the summer months for cooking, which is expanded to twice a week during winter months when wood is also used for heating. Tangentyere also delivers wood to the one Town Camp community that is not connected to mains electrical supply.

Town Camp Communities Services by Tangentyere Municipal Services:

Target Localities Area
Palmers Camp (Aper Alwerrknge) 0.917 ha
Mt Nancy 4.25 ha
Ewyenper Atwatye (Hidden Valley) 28.55 ha
Larapinta Valley (Yarrenty Altere) 90.61 ha
Abbotts Camp (Mpwetyerre) 1.54 ha
Karnte Camp 7.51 ha
Total 6 133.37 ha






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