Early Childhood Development Services

Mobile Intensive Support Playgroup

Intensive Support Playgroups aim to promote positive outcomes for vulnerable families with young children through the provision of playgroup based strategies. These strategies focus on early childhood development and contribute to increased child safety and wellbeing and to development of parenting knowledge and skills.

The primary focus of the Tangentyere Intensive Support Playgroup is to provide early intervention and prevention strategies for children and families living on Town Camps in Alice Springs.

Playgroup provides, in conjunction with the Community Toy Library, appropriate age/stage development activities that focus on fine and gross motor skills and cognitive development for children up to 6 years of age. It seeks to create a supportive environment that encourages parents and caregivers to have fun and positive interactions with their children whilst enhancing their knowledge and understanding of developmental milestones.

Playgroup has formed solid partnerships with a range of other Tangentyere Family and Youth Services and external government and non government service providers primarily focussed on health, child protection and early childhood development. Of further benefit to the capacity building aspect of the Playgroup is the provision of family support through the Ketye Program.

Ketye Nwerneke Atlye Nwerneke Ltekgnerle Ntenetyeke

(Keep our Children and Families Strong)

The Ketye Program commenced in October 2005 with a focus on improving parenting knowledge and skills and overall family wellbeing by addressing some of the gaps in service delivery to vulnerable families. Ketye provides parenting education, information and support to parents, and works with families with children aged 0-7 who are considered vulnerable and/or in crisis.

A significant aspect of the Ketye Program is its link to Tangentyere Intensive Support Playgroup and facilitate access to a broad range of other services and agencies that enhance parents’ skills, knowledge and learning. The benefits of this are clearly defined pathways and connections to ongoing education and the capacity for parents to assist and support their children in the transition through day care, pre-school and into the education system.

The overall benefits of Ketye and Playgroup are increased social, health and welfare outcomes for families that contribute to keeping children safe.

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